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What Is The Meaning Of XOXO?

If you’ve ever received a note or letter with this combination of letters at the end, you may have wondered “what is the meaning of XOXO?”. What is the meaning of XOXO? XOXO is an acronym that stands for “hugs and kisses”. It is often used to express affection, love, and appreciation from friends and […]

Ways To Say I Love You

When it comes time to say “I love you”, sometimes you just want to say more or say it in a different way. Whether the occasion you use to say I love you happens to be for Valentine’s Day (which is February 14th, hint hint), your anniversary, a loved one’s birthday, or any other time […]

10 Reasons Why Naughty Birthday Cards Work.

It’s no accident that the adult themed greeting cards are purchased more often than other cards on ToadlyPoppin.com. That’s not to say the non-adult pop-up cards deserve any less recognition of course. Here are 10 reasons why naughty birthday cards work. After-all, this Birthday Pop-Up Penis naughty card is where it all began for Toadly […]

50 Ideas Of What To Write In A Christmas Card.

That joyous happy time is fast approaching and you’ve realized that you still have dozens of holiday cards to finish and mail out. Your wrist is sore and the taste of envelope gum that lingers in your mouth makes finishing seem daunting. What to write in a Christmas Card? You’ve run out of ideas of […]

50 Ideas Of What To Write In A Birthday Card

There is a birthday coming up and you are unsure what to write inside. Do you go sappy, fun or serious? Read on to get some good ideas of what to write in a birthday card.

When Is Valentine’s Day 2022

If you’re wondering when is Valentine’s Day 2022. Don’t wait too long to plan out your festivities. The day of love, Feb. 14th, is fast approaching. That special day when everything revolves around chocolates, dinners out, an overabundance of flowers, and clothes somehow ending up on the floor. Of course we shouldn’t save up and […]

Why You Should Be Sending Pop Up Greeting Cards

So what’s the deal with pop up greeting cards? What a great question and I’d love to tell you. There you are at the grocery store. Standing in the isle with your cart filled with food. The ice cream that wasn’t on the list and you swore you could walk past is getting softer by […]

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