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Page Flip Pop-Up Template


*FREE* Page flip pop-up svg that provides the base mechanics to this technique for you to build off.

The hard work of figuring out the pop-up mechanics has already been done for you. All that’s left to do is to add your own creative touch to this free page flip pop-up template and make it your own.

This pop-up template has a lot of potential and there are many different ways that it could be used.

  • papercut a design out of the pop-up page
  • add a money or gift card holder to pop-up page
  • include a personal photo on the page flip pop-up
  • create a layered design on top of the pop-up page

Need some pre-made designs to add to the pop-up page? Here’s some SVGs to get you going, that are made specifically to work with this pop-up mechanic.

Want more inspiration? Check out the page flip pop-up YouTube video for assembly and example uses for this design.

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