Why You Should Be Sending Pop Up Greeting Cards

So what’s the deal with pop up greeting cards? What a great question and I’d love to tell you.

There you are at the grocery store. Standing in the isle with your cart filled with food. The ice cream that wasn’t on the list and you swore you could walk past is getting softer by the minute. It’s mint chocolate. You knew better to even gaze upon it and now you don’t even know how it got into your cart. A child screams because mom won’t let them open the sugar bag and eat from it. Snapping you out of your daydream chocolate mint love affair. You’re staring at the hundreds of greeting cards before you. There’s a birthday, anniversary, or other personally important day coming up and you need the perfect one! Which one do you get? The one that makes them laugh? Or the sappy feel good greeting card that invokes those warm fuzzy feelings? Maybe you close your eyes, spin around, and the first card your finger touches is the winner. The card reads “Sorry about your loss” and you ponder if that’s appropriate for a Birthday greeting card. You could make it work but decide to put it back. Wait…Where did I pull this card from? I swear it came from this slot right here!!

You’re tired, frustrated and seconds from fashioning a spoon from a pie tin. Grabbing the loaf of bread to use as a pillow and silencing that ice cream that’s still whispering your name.

We know everyone loves to get greeting cards. Especially in these modern times where everyone is always a text or email away. There’s still nothing that can match the hand written notes from those we hold dear. There’s nothing wrong with a normal hallmark greeting card or the many other brands. The downside is they will usually end up in the waste bin shortly after they are opened. Do they not understand the gauntlet you had to go through to find that card!? Now there it sits on top of half eaten cake and crumpled up wrapping paper, and who only eats part of their cake?

Pop up greeting cards are memorable

When it comes to greeting cards, why can’t they also be a gift in and of themselves? Kept around to be displayed and shown off to friends and family. Instead they are usually quickly tossed aside as soon as the money or gift card is taken out. What you need is a proper greeting card. Something with dimension and movement that is sure to impress the receiver. That is the business of pop up greeting cards!

Moveable or pop up books have been around for a very long time and enjoyed equally by kids and adults over the years. They bring wonder and amazement to something that is usually flat and not all that memorable. If you were lucky enough to have looked through one of these pop up books in your younger years. You probably opened and closed those pages hundreds of times just to witness the mesmerizing visuals. When that same engineering is used in the creation of pop up greeting cards. It carries with it the same familiar and impressive “wow” factor. There’s a certain magic created when one opens a flat card, only to have things move and transform into complicated looking pieces. It could be a pop up birthday card that grows and twists as it’s being opened. Somehow reaching out beyond the greeting cards base. Or a simple quaint pop up house. Each one creates an enjoyable and exciting experience that is sure to be treasured and not quickly tossed into the trash.

making a pop up greeting card with flowers

Not only are pop up greeting cards fun to watch come to life. A lot of thought, trial and error goes into each design. Some of the more simple designs can come together in a day or two while other more complex mechanics can take weeks or more to get working correctly. Making each pop up card little pieces of engineered paper art.

Another thing pop up greeting cards have going for them. Other than the fact that they are super fun. They are generally focused on a singular aspect or theme. Making them really easy to pick out if the receiver has a well known like for something, hobby or profession. Moms like flowers, boys like dinosaurs, dad likes beer or golf, etc. Or maybe you’re a realtor and want to use the power of greeting card pop ups to gain leads. There’s even a card for that too!

So the next time you are in need of a greeting card. Instead of thumbing through the seemingly endless choices at the grocery store. Greet that special someone in the most memorable way, with a pop up greeting card. They’ll definitely remember it and also how awesome you are!

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