About Us

Here at Toadly Poppin we like laughs and creating memorable occasions through the use of paper engineering and pop up greeting cards. We’d love to bring many of those laughs and memories to you and your loved ones.

By combining engineering, art and paper into 3D pop up cards. You can be sure the moment being celebrated will be taken up a level or two. Together with your personal thoughts and the magic of pop up greeting cards, let the memories begin!

happy fathers day card pop up tool box

How it came to be…

It all started in 2012 when there was a need for a rather specific card. A greeting card that one could not find just anywhere. Actually I’m pretty confident it didn’t even exist until then. As any creative person would tend to do. I jumped at the chance to pull out all the tools and materials, and set out to make the perfect greeting card. Everyone loved it and many laughs were had over that card. The next logical move was to offer it up online, because why not. That is when it was quickly realized that a lot of other people also got a kick out of the greeting card. I also realized that engineering pop cards was extremely rewarding and fun to do. Since that first card was born many more have since been created. With a lot more to come.

Toadly Poppin is currently a one person operation based in Chicago, IL. With hopes to bring as many pop up greeting cards, laughs and amazement into yours and loved ones homes. I hope you are able to find the perfect card for that special occasion.

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